(When a thousand pictures are worth a word)

"Eastern" people

Take an iconic location.

Stop time.

Take photographs.

This is how the following pictures were taken. I wanted to get some shots of the travelling man, so I went to an obvious place, the East Railway Station. Several good pictures were taken there, but they didn't come together, they had nothing in common.

It missed the point, the travelling man himself.

Until I went to the newly renovated Waiting Hall. The setting sun created a great backdrop on the wall opposite, in front of which (I didn't even have to move) they, the travelling people, were marching in a line. The icing on the cake was the appearance of the only character who doesn't really fit into the general category of a travelling man, but who is one of them:

the railwayman who makes the journey of others possible.

after lights out

The sights of the city are a tourist favourite, and we all know the glow of the Chain Bridge at night, the golden yellow decorations of the Parliament,

the evening lights of Heroes' Square. 

What will they look like, stripped of their plates,

without their decorative light-weaving?

It's an "uncommon" sight, but one that can be seen every day. 

You just have to stay awake for it.

Close together

Diptychs and triptychs occupy a special place among the multipictorial works.

Here's an example of why I feel they belong in the series, but are still odd one out.

Story in three steps

Came, saw, prevailed.


I would place the elements of this series far apart on the wall.

The photos interact in a different way than in the first case: I can almost see the spark of thought in the mind of the viewer roaming the room:

haven't I seen this picture somewhere before?